#TableMountain #WAFire Evacuation Levels Updated ^MARH

This information also available at: http://www.inciweb.org/incident/article/3269/17857/

Kittitas County Press Release

For Immediate Release

Table Mountain Fire – Evacuation Levels Updated

Kittitas County, WA -09/26/2012 – The Kittitas County Emergency Operations Center reduced some evacuation levels and coordinated the reopening of some state lands in the Table Mountain Fire area, effective 12pm today.

The Level 3 notification has been downgraded to Level 2 for Elk Springs Road above the northern-most set of power lines, and the area encompassing Upper Green Canyon Road east to Wilson Creek Road between the northern-most set of power lines and the southern boundary line of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. These areas are accessible to local traffic and residents only.

Evacuation Level 3 remains in place for the areas within the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest that are accessed by Upper Green Canyon Road, Reecer Creek Road north of the upper snow park, and Wilson Creek Road.

The Level 1 notification has been removed and there are no restrictions from the lower portion of Upper Green Canyon Road southeast to Chukar Ridge Road and continuing southeast to Charlton Road. This includes Reecer Creek Road 1/2 mile south of the power lines, Robbins Road north of Chukar Ridge Road, Wilson Creek Road north of Charlton Road and Naneum Road north of Charlton Road. The area south of the Lauderdale junction to Elk Springs Road is also no longer under the Level 1 notification and has no restrictions.

Also effective at 12pm today, state lands have been reopened east of the Naneum State Forest to the Columbia River. This includes the Colockum, Quilomene and Whiskey Dick wildlife areas.

The Naneum State Forest and Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest (east of US97 to the Naneum State Forest) remain closed.

In the Liberty area, level 3 evacuations are still in place for Williams Creek Road, Harkness Road, Pine Gulch Road east of Red Top Road, Cougar Gulch Road, Boulder Creek Road and Liberty Mountain Association.

A Level 2 Evacuation notification remains in place for Liberty Road from US97 to Boulder Creek Road (the end of the county road), this includes the town of Liberty and any driveways directly connected to Liberty Road up to Boulder Creek Road; Pine Gulch Road west of Red Top Road, including Red Top Road; and from the Lauderdale junction north to Mineral Springs on the east side of US97 – only residences directly connected to US97.

A Level 1 Evacuation notification remains in place for the western corridor of US97 from the Lauderdale junction to Mineral Springs, including the Liberty Café area.

Local closures remain in effect for the following roads:

  • Liberty Road
  • Williams Creek Road
  • Harkness Road
  • Pine Gulch Road east of Red Top Road
  • Liberty Mountain Association
  • Cougar Gulch Road
  • Boulder Creek Road
  • Reecer Creek Road at the Snowpark
  • Wilson Creek Road at the end of the county road
  • Coleman Canyon Road
  • Schnebly Canyon Road
  • Cooke Canyon Road
  • Upper Green Canyon Road
  • Sun East area at the north end of Robbins Road
  • Elk Springs Road

The Red Cross emergency clear air shelter remains open at the Mercer Creek Church at 1407 N. B Street, Ellensburg.

Residents are encouraged to monitor the Kittitas County website, http://www.co.kittitas.wa.us/, for updates and to view the interactive map, under the Table Mountain Fire response page. For additional evacuation or road closure information, please call the EOC at 509-933-8305.

Kittitas County, from the Cascades to the Columbia, and online at http://www.co.kittitas.wa.us

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