#TableMountain #WAFire 10/4 Quick Update ^MARH

The Table Mountain Fire is currently at 42,312 acres and 90% containment. The increase in acreage is due to more accurate mapping and is not the result of additional fire growth. Although conditions are still very dry, no new growth is expected. An incoming Type 3 IMT (IC Mike Starkovich) will arrive today to begin preparing for the transfer of command from Mike Morcom’s Type 1 team. Transfer of command will occur at 6 am on Saturday, October 6.

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One Response to #TableMountain #WAFire 10/4 Quick Update ^MARH

  1. Vicki Loiseau says:

    You have done an amazing job for our city and county. Thanks for your excellent communications to the public. The tours, the public meetings, the txt msg updates- I have enjoyed them all! Knowing what is happening certainly helps the ‘fire fatigue’ we are all feeling.

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